MANKATO, Minn. -- On the Verge Theatre is a local theater company with a mission, to highlight and lift up the experiences of women, through their productions.

The company was founded by five women, with experience in the arts. Co-Founder and Composer Christi Smith said the newly founded group had their first production early 2018.  

" We started in January of this year and our first production was Love Loss and What I Wore," said Smith. 

Smith said the production did well, and now they are working on a new project. 
The group tried their luck, entering for a chance to be featured in the 2018 Minnesota Fringe Festival, an annual series of small theater performances.

Co-Founder Michelle Parsneau said the results of the entry left them in shock. 

" We kept telling ourselves, there's a maybe a 25 percent chance that you'll get into the Fringe," said Parsneau.

" So no pressure, no worries, we're probably not going to get it, and then we got it."
The creation of their new project had to be well-thought out, it had to uphold their mission, while showcasing flare.

Stemming from their prior work, they produced "Boobilicious: the Musical," what they call a seriously sketchy" production.

The show highlights the silliness of objectifying breasts, while poking some fun.
"We decided that, that was worth expanding into a story of some sort," said Smith.

" So we started writing some sketches, we started writing some songs, we started working on just some things to kind of outline this."
Four of the women will play several characters in the act. Thoughout the show gospel music, country, hip-hop and maybe Cabaret will be played. 

The ladies are excited for the end result but they have one request from viewers. 
"Coming up to see it would be great if you can, writing reviews early on the web page is very important," said Parsneau.

" Because that is how seasoned fringe goers pick their next show."
The ladies said they want your honest opinions on their work, and hope you will head to Minneapolis to enjoy their work. 
If you would like to know the times, dates and venues for the On The Verge production and other performances at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, click here: 

-- KEYC News 12