MANKATO, MINN - Despite the gloomy weather, Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office brought area kids out to the lake for some fishing Friday. 

Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office was helping kids get hooked on fishing.

Over twenty young anglers went out to Red Jacket Valley Park in Mankato trying to get a bite with the Sheriff's office.

Deputies and other officials were helping kids learn how to use different kinds of bait, set their hooks, and ultimately show how them how to remove a fish.
"Initially we were hoping we'd have some blue skies and some great weather to go fishing," said Captain Paul Barta of the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office. "But at the same time I don't think that it necessarily hurts to have some bonding through the mud and some of the challenges that happen when we're walking around here. I see a lot of smiling faces and people that don't seem to mind that it's raining at all."
The event was open to kids between the ages of eight and 15, parents were encouraged to participate as well.

Registration was limited to 30 kids so deputies could have more time interacting and helping each young angler.
"We wanted to have a suitable age group with area." said Capt. Barta. "It's uneven and wanted to make sure we didn't have kids that were too little that might've had problems with the terrain and slipping into the water and things like that."
Deputies were off–duty while helping the young fishing enthusiasts today, making the event completely voluntarily.
"People are coming in on their days off because they want to connect with the kids and they want to help out." said Barta.
Like veteran anglers do, nearly all of the kids registered for today's event showed up and battle the less–than–desirable weather.

Their perseverance paid off with a lot of kids catching at least one fish, or at least a good time.

----KEYC News 12