MANKATO, MINN - Minnesota Representatives Tim Walz (D-MN) and Collin Peterson (D-MN) are introducing a bill to delay a deadline that would drop some senior citizens from their Medicare plans

The "Protect Medicare for Seniors Act of 2018" seeks to delay a Medicare deadline to transition seniors from their Cost plans to Advantage plans, meaning some seniors will have an abrupt interruption in their service.

Currently the deadline is set for 2019.

Walz and Peterson's bill would extend that to 2021 to give beneficiaries more time to adjust.
"To be honest with you I'd like us to be able to keep these plans," said Walz. "The administration is trying to save some money on Medicare, I don't think we do it in the long run and these are real good plans that people are really happy with. We're throwing a lot of uncertainty onto them."
Walz says over half of the 600,000 beneficiaries are currently living in Minnesota.

----KEYC News 12