For decades soybean oil has been sold as a vegetable oil to cook with but the health concerns surrounding trans-fat led to TruSoya, a non-GMO bean that will give the same food grade advantages as gene edited oils with added health benefits.
"Unlike other high oleic coils on the market this oil contains a high level of omega-3's and that something that we're all looking for primarily today we find it in fish oil but this soybean has been bred to have that right within it so it's going to be a very much healthier choice for consumers," Minnesota Soybean CEO Tom Slunecka said.
The cleaner oil won't only be an advantage for restaurants and consumers. While it will take better weed and pest management, farmers will also see benefits.
"Soybean prices are very low, so we're constantly looking for new ways to extract value out of the marketplace. This is something that the consumers are asking for so it's going to much easier for us to bring it onto the farms than off the farms and to the consumer shelves and be able to share in that health benefit and hopefully in that profit margin," Slunecka added.
The bean is still in the development stages but several plots in Minnesota have been planted to be analyzed for yield quality with the hope to be commercially available for farmers to plant through Legend Seed by 2020.

--KEYC News 12.