GOOD THUNDER, MN- Roughly 500 bicyclists were forced to make a pit stop on their way to Mankato.

The 2018 Bike MS: Ride Across Minnesota took a bump in the road as Thursday morning showers closed the trail.

At Good Thunder City Park, the fifth and final rest stop of the day, riders relinquished their two wheels and traveled the rest of the way in a different mode of transportation.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Upper Midwest Chapter volunteer engagement specialist Jessica Blosberg says "We're busing them to Mankato and then we'll be taking care of their bikes ourselves and making sure they all get to the proper places so they can have their bikes for tomorrow morning."

Thursday marked day four of the week-long trek that started in Saint Peter, making stops in Northfield, Owatonna and Waseca.

Although travelers weren't able to complete the nearly 65 mile route from Waseca to Mankato, Mother Nature hasn't put a damper on the experience and why so many ride.

Burnsville resident Tim Risdal says "My wife contracted MS about 12 years ago. She started having symptoms, we didn't know what was going on and it took about a year to figure out that she had MS. Greg started a team eleven years ago. My wife joined ten years ago and has been riding for ten years. We've had our daughters ride and it's kind of a family and friend adventure here, been a lot of fun.”

Member of "The Grateful Tread" team Greg Anderson says "Every year, it's a lot of fun. You meet new people every year. The route changes every year which makes it kind of nice as well. It is well supported just the ability to raise money is why we ride. Our team name is "The Grateful Tread" and over the past 11–12 years now we've raised over $200,000."

By the end of tomorrow, this group will have journeyed almost 300 miles with the oldest participant being 83 years old.

Bicyclists will camp out at the Land of Memories Park in Mankato and weather permitting, the group plans to head up to Saint Peter Friday morning to wrap up the event.

Organizers say this year's ride has already surpassed $500,000 and if you'd like to donate or learn more about Bike MS, you can visit its website.

- KEYC News 12