MANKATO, MN - The sculptures that line Second Street in Downtown Mankato have attracted lots of curiosity over the years, and now the group behind them has some other big projects up their sleeves.  
The City of Mankato adopted a resolution back in 2007 to revitalize downtown.  That action created the Arts, Culture, and Community Enhancement (ACCE) committee.  The Twin Rivers Council for the Arts is part of that committee.
Noelle Lawton, executive director of the Twin Rivers Council for the Arts, said: "There were numerous goals and objectives that were realized.  The biggest one, in our eyes anyway, may be the city art sculpture walking tour."

Over the past couple of years, the committee has been getting input to develop a new plan.

Lawton said: "We've been working together with the creatives in our community to listen to their voices, what interests them.  Listening to our citizens in terms of what's important for them moving forward."

Now the Twin Rivers Council for the Arts hopes the City of Mankato will adopt the new Arts and Culture plan.  Twin Rivers already has some projects they have been considering for the future.

"Art on the silos in old town is something that we are actively pursuing and we are waiting to see if we have permission, if this is something we can move forward on.  We've talked about organizing some type of first Friday event that would happen in our city center area.", said Lawton.

The Mankato city council is voting on the resolution tonight.