Interlaken Golf Club played host to the 26th annual Minnesota Pork Masters Golf Outing today.

Around 250 golfers showed up to swing the sticks as this outing serves as a valuable networking opportunity for the pork industry.

Not only do fellow clients get to mingle with one another about business, they also get the chance to help out future generations interested in breaking into the industry.

"The Fairmont Chamber of Commerce does scholarships and theirs are Ag business scholarships and then the pork producers do theirs if you're going into animal science of some sort they have the Martin County Scholarship for anybody graduating from a Martin County High School," explained event volunteer Myron Lueth.

There's also small competitions to be won on every hole out on the course.

"There's 20 games we have going on," said Lueth.  "There is putting for pork or chipping for cash.  Then every hole has some sort of game on it whether it's a competitive game or a fun game.  Hit in the water put your name in the bucket so then the sponsors bring door prizes."

Between the morning and afternoon shotgun starts, players have the opportunity to eat local pork ribs, smoked and cooked on site and strike up a conversation with someone else from the industry.

Bill Rosenstiel drives all the way from Mankato the past ten years to participate in the event and has noticed steady growth with each time he returns.

"I think a lot of it is tradition that you know Martin County is one of the leading counties of pork producers in the world and they have done such a good job in the past with it that it just keeps on growing.  I think people involved in the Ag industry know this is the place to be to see some of your clients and do good will at the same time," said Rosenstiel.

The Minnesota Pork Masters outing also aims to increase Ag awareness in today's local business climate.

--KEYC News 12