Public safety agencies in our area took part in training that will help them better respond to an emergency as a cohesive unit.

AVAS which stands for active violence, active shooter is a regional training group that consists of police, fire and EMS agencies from Blue Earth, Le Sueur and Nicollet County. The yearly training runs agencies through pre-designed scenarios they could possibly respond to.
"Really necessary to bring all these people together the reality is that if an active shooter or similar event happens anywhere we just don't have the necessary resources from the city of Mankato alone to handle this likewise Lake Crystal, Nicollet County, St. Peter none of us can handle this on our own. We all train together we all work on the same thing so that when officers respond from different counties and different agencies we all know exactly what we're doing so that we can make that response," Sgt. Justin Neumann with Mankato Public Safety said.
As typical with training new components are added each year. This time, various stages of personnel were incorporated to make the training feel like a real response.
"We have fire staging away which would be realistic. When we have our extraction teams and rescue teams coming in and exiting the school we're not stopping at the door we're going out to the collection point. We're using more realistic communications, we've got multiple talk groups this year and different entities and different talk groups which creates some communication challenges but again that is the reality this is going to be a big incident with a lot going on with her are going to be a different entities talking about what their priorities are and then at the end the day we utilize incident command to try and put all those pieces of the puzzle together," Sgt. Neumann added.
While public safety also performs emergency management related initiatives, AVAS is the biggest training they do every year.

--KEYC News 12