Another teen accused of assault in Faribault County appeared in court Friday.

19-year-old Wyatt Tungland is charged with assault in the 3rd degree, 3rd degree aiding and abetting assault, 5th degree criminal sexual misconduct and furnishing alcohol to minors.
At the omnibus hearing, his attorney argued there is no probable cause for any of the charges. Both Tungland's ex-girlfriend and her mother testified that Tungland was at their home in Blue Earth at the time of the incident. Despite his initial statement to police in November, when he said he witnessed the beating and sexual assault in Winnebago.

During the investigation, police found pictures of the victim on Tungland's phone that were allegedly taken after the incident. Dalton Nagel, who is also facing charges, testified that Tungland was present for the alleged assault. Nagel also alleges that at one point, Tungland left the home and returned with alcohol.
At this point, the Faribault County Attorney's office and Tungland's attorney will write final arguments on the omnibus hearing and wait to hear if the judge will determine probable cause for the charges on August 27th.

--KEYC News 12