SAINT PETER, MN- Oh the smoky sizzle goodness of bacon and other meats satisfied the nostrils and taste buds of many.

Friday's "Taste of Traeger" event combined free tastings of wood–cooked treats, with author, TV host and award–winning grill master Diva Q, who is in town to teach outdoor chefs recipes and tips for creating a delicious dish.

Friday and Saturday night, she will be teaching her craft to roughly 100 people and says serving her audience is what drives her devotion for to preparing meals.

Danielle Bennett (Diva Q) says "That passion of barbecue comes from love of feeding people and when you can feed people really easily along with delivering excellent wood–fired food every single day, then you know what you pursue that passion. We're teaching pork, chicken, brisket, and ribs. We're doing a whole bunch of delicious reverse sear steaks and even baking a cobbler, doing it all on our grills over the next two days."

Diva Q's trip to Saint Peter is her first, for she only selects 30 locations across the continent each year for shop classes.

The three plus hour instruction and demonstration has even attracted food enthusiasts from the east coast, looking to get a jump in the industry.

Resident of Stafford, Virginia, Wayne Cole says "To gain more knowledge and how to prepare the meat, what type of ingredients to put on and whether you wrap it in tinfoil or butcher paper. I'm getting ready to retire from the federal government in about four years, so we're getting ready to open up the business."

New Traeger Timberline grills sat on display, giving the public a chance to view how they look and work.

Using a variety of flavored wood pellets for fuel, these grills generated pulled pork sliders, bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers, and smoky cinnamon pineapple for everyone to enjoy.

Arrow Ace Hardware's advertising and marketing manager Mike Schwertfeger says "It's all about the flavor and they're very easy to use. It's not intimidating at all, you're able to set the temperature and the grill will auger in the wood pellets and maintain the temperature for you as well. It's easier then I would say a propane grill."

Whether eyeing a new backyard toy or stopping by for lunch, as Diva Q routinely says and has trademarked "Life is too short for bad BBQ."

Saturday night's class is sold out, but you can learn more about these grills and view more than 3,000 recipes that utilize them, by visiting