The remains of a person believed to be a missing Sleepy Eye man were found Sunday at a rest area on Highway Four.

73–year–old Vincent Hugo Mathiowetz was reported missing Sunday, June 3.

This morning, law enforcement was contacted by a citizen using the rest stop near the Cottonwood River.

Brown County Sheriff's Office and Sleepy Eye Police Department responded at the scene where a revolver, human bone remains, clothing and a driver's license belonging to Mathiowetz were found.

The remains will be taken to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner's Office to be compared with known DNA samples for a positive identification.

Mathowitz' vehicle was located south of Sleepy Eye shortly after he was reported missing.

Police were informed that Mathiowetz had shown signs of depression prior.

Multiple police departments, rescue teams and state patrol were all involved in search efforts.

--KEYC News 12