Technology is developing faster than ever before.

Political parties are now starting to benefit from the innovative, fast moving technological world.

With mid–terms right around the corner, the Republican Party believes it has a leg up on the competition when it comes to reaching votes that matter.

"In the wake of 2012 we took a good long look at what happened in that election and realized that we needed to step our game up both on the ground and in our data program," explained Director of Turnout and Targeting Brian Parnitzke.  "Since that time, we've invested over $200 million dollars into our data program to make sure that we were not wasting any resources but always talking to the right voters at the right time with the right message."

The RNC was not allowed to talk about the advancement of their data collecting technology, but would talk about the data collecting process.

That process includes every single voter in the state receiving a series of voter scores that measure their sentiment on things such as their candidate preference, their likelihood to actually vote and how likely they are to agree or disagree with certain policies.

Once the RNC has these figures, they target certain scores and proceed to knock on the doors of homes where they feel confident they can secure a Republican vote.

"Because we've build on this since 2014, we've kept refining this score and getting better," said Parnitzke.  "Frankly the Democrats even if they had the money to do so could not catch up to where we are at because they don't have that host of historic data that we do."

With a Republican President in the White House and advancing data collecting technology, the RNC is confident moving forward but knows that anything can change in today's world.

"We've got the money, we've got the resources, we've had folks on the ground in Minnesota for over a year now and we are in a better place to capture Republican enthusiasm then I think we have ever been in," said Parnitzke.

With mid–terms taking place in November, only time will tell if this new technology has given the Republican Party an advantage.

--KEYC News 12