The Minnesota DFL warned voters about one of the candidates seeking its nomination for U.S. Senator.

DFL Communications Director Ellen Perrault issued a release calling Richard Painter, a lifelong Republican.

"[He is] currently getting paid to sit on the board of a conservative foundation, that funnels millions of dollars to Koch–linked groups," said Perrault. 

Painter admitted to taking funds from the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation and sitting on the board.

The group has given to many causes over the years, including several conservative organizations, like Freedomworks and the Daily Caller.

Painter is trying to unseat the DFL–endorsed candidate in the primary, Senator Tina Smith.

The Painter campaign issued a statement Monday saying, "The sheer level of dishonesty and reckless disregard for the truth is disturbing for an organization that continues to insist that it represents the voice of Minnesota democrats."

Adding, "The race between Painter and Smith is a dead heat with two weeks to go."

-- KEYC News 12