(MINNESOTA) -- Over 14,000 speeding citations were issued in Minnesota's most recent speed enforcement campaign. 

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says officers, deputies and troopers from over 300 agencies issued 14,661 citations for unsafe speeds and 1,625 seat belt citations from July 6 to 22.  That number is down from last year.

Results from previous speed campaigns include:

2017: 16,580 speed citations and 1,781 seat belt citations

2016: 13,214 speed citations and 1,543 seat belt citations

2015: 16,410 speed citations and 2,101 seat belt citations

2014: 16,926 speed citations and 2,315 seat belt citations

2013: 17,415 speed citations and 2,839 seat belt citations

During the campaign, 25 agencies reported speeds of 100 mph or more, including Nicollet County. 

120 mph – Corcoran Police Department

115 mph -  Minnesota State Patrol (District 2900 - Detroit Lakes)

110 mph – Nicollet County Sheriff's Office

110 mph – Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

110 mph – St. Francis Police Department

The Department of Public Safety says the extra overtime shifts also resulted in other arrests and citations for incidents such as DWI, controlled substance and texting-while-driving.