NEW ULM, MN - The interchange construction on Highways 14 and 15 in New Ulm is truly a monumental undertaking.
Todd Kjolstad, MNDOT construction supervisor, said:  "This particular project, like I mentioned, is relatively unique in that it has almost every type of construction technique or technologically advanced type of technique that we have in our arsenal."

The project has made lots of headway in the last 4 months.  Front Street Bridge is about to take shape.

"We anticipate setting beams sometime next week.  That's going to be a multi-day process.  There's a lot of beams, a lot of spans, and it's relatively high.", Kjolstad said.

The Minnesota River Bridge is a different story.  This summer's flooding has slowed down work on this span.

Kjolstad explained: "We were able to take 50% of the existing bridge down and we've been able to do both abutments, which were out of the river.  Today, this past week, we've just began getting into the river.  So I would say we're at least a couple to maybe 2 to 3 months behind schedule.  We're hoping to get the pace picked up on that."

The actual interchange at Highways 14, 15 and County Road 21 is proceeding according to their timeline.

"Everything but the river bridge is either on schedule or somewhat ahead of schedule.", he said.

The intersection presents a challenge to crews, thanks to soft soil and some water contamination.  Still, those issues are not slowing them down.

"Our hope is to be able to complete the entire project by the Fall of 2019.", he said.