MANKATO, Minn.-- Downtown Mankato has so many wonderful restaurants to choose from, but if you want an unforgettable dining experience, checking out Number 4 American Bar and Kitchen in Mankato, is a must. 

Restaurant Owner Christopher Person said his business is a very special business. 

"You don't have to get a lot of restaurants with this quality of food, and this quality of service in the downtown area," said Person. 

The restaurant is a casual spot, but it still screams sophistication.

Number 4 has to stand out, especially being one of the Mankato Independent Originals, and with the help of an architect, they did that through the name. 
"It was our fourth restaurant in our organization," said Person.

"We could have things from the north, the south, the east, the west, and if you look at our menu, there is a variety of different things from all over America." 

One of those items is their Lobster Bisque, with the lobster shipped from New England.

Then the awesome list of menu items goes on. The restaurant features an erect Caesar Salad, Prime Beef Fillet, Roasted Salmon with Risotto, and much more. 

There are desserts like Key Lime Cheesecake and the exclusive Nutella Praline Crepe Cake, which is available in the fall.

Number 4 Manager Phillip Huisenga made a few specialty drinks and stressed the importance of having a great drink in the summer time. Huisenga  presented their Sangria, Signature Bloody Mary, and their show-stopping Number 4 Old- Fashioned Cocktail.  

" We start with, here's a little Bulleit Bourbon, which you do 2 ounces of," said Huisenga. 
The manager mixed in simple syrup, two different bitters, and ice. Then, there was fire! 
"That's beautiful right there, so we really look for that good flame there," said Huisenga. He slightly burned the skin of an orange, which emitted an nice aroma. 

" And kind of rim around the edge [of the glass], drop the orange peel inside of there." 
The drink was finished off with Maraschino Cherries. 

Number 4 American Bar and Kitchen has all that you need. Be sure to visit, dress any way you like and prepare yourself for a unique dining experience. 

-- KEYC News 12