FAIRMONT, MN- Kids of all ages got to enjoy Saturday afternoon inside and dry, unless of course you were one of the members apart of putting this event on, then you were subject to getting dumped in a dunk tank. 

The first annual Martin County Pheasants Forever (MCPF) Conservation Day took place at the Martin County Fairgrounds, where it planned to be last year but thunderstorms forced its cancellation. 

Organizers combated another rainy day in 2018 by coordinating a multitude of games and stations inside the hockey arena, allowing roughly 300 people to converge for the free family event, which serves to give boys and girls an opportunity to not only learn about nature but have some fun while doing so.

MCPF vice president Josh Nutt says "Just to get the younger kids involved with Pheasants Forever. Try to get them to start realizing what we're about with pollinators and bees."

Area youth planted flowers and created bees as part of the learning process in how pollination works.

Kids also blew bubbles to symbolize how the fertilizing element for flowering plants spreads around.

Welcome resident Chris Borchardt says "Having three little girls, it's hard to get them involved in the outdoors and excited about it, so it seemed like a good idea to bring them over. The pollinator stuff they have here today is interesting. The girls with the bubbles learned how the pollen moves throughout the air. It's a good learning experience for them."

Taking in knowledge about ways to help preserve local habitats weren't the only activity on the agenda, for children were also taught how to shoot paintballs and even learn how to throw axes.

Local 4-H members chipped in as well, guiding boys and girls with the use of BB guns and compound bows.

13-year-old Martin County 4-H shooting sports and wildlife member Jazlyn Geerdes says "It makes me feel very good having new kids learn how to do these things. If they like them, they can come and join which makes me pretty happy."

Conservation Day is just one of the events that Martin County Pheasants Forever hosts each year and Saturday, everyone under the age of 18 received a free membership to the organization.

Martin County Pheasants Forever will be putting on its annual youth hunt on October 27th as well as a pollinator planting event in early November that will involve a first grade class from Fairmont Elementary to assist in the planting.

 If you'd like to know more about these events or the group, you can find additional information on its Facebook.

Martin County 4-H will be hosting its "State Shoot" on September 7-9 at the Martin County Fairgrounds, for kids third grade and older, to compete with members across Minnesota.  

- KEYC News 12