No charges will be filed against a St. James police officer who fatally shot a man at a Casey's back in January.
The Washington County Attorney's office is declining to issue criminal charges against Assistant Chief Rochelle Hanson involving the death of Gilberto Salas on January 31, 2018.
 A statement from the county attorney's office says Hanson was justified in using deadly force against Salas during the incident.

Back on January 31, Hanson was responding to a pursuit and car theft and found the suspect at Casey's in St. James.

Authorities say Salas refused orders from police and was tazed three separate times but still did not comply.

The statement says Salas was holding an unfolded knife and backed Hanson down almost two aisles of the store despite being warned multiple times that she would shoot him if he did not drop the knife.
She then fired her weapon four times until Salas went down.

The statement says witnesses and Taser audio back up the statements from officers that they repeatedly warned Salas to drop the knife and get on the floor.

----KEYC News 12