MADELIA. MN--The Madelia football team is just over two weeks away from its season opener on Friday August 24.

KEYC News 12 Sports Rob Clark caught up with the Blackhawks and has more on their expectations for the upcoming year.

The Madelia Blackhawks will rely heavily on the experience of seven seniors as the squad tries to return to state for the second time in four years.

"Something that was really special with that 2015 year, we had a senior class that had been playing football since the youth days. This group is no different. There is just that continuity that you get that is second to none in my book," said Nick Willaert, Madelia head coach.

"This year it's kind of all meshed together, juniors and seniors, but I say go all or none," said Logan Anderson, Madelia QB/LB.

"I have to agree with Logan here, last year, we started to pick it up toward the end, and we have basically our entire team returning. One of our players is back from an injury from last year who wasn't able to compete. We get him, and all the people that were here last year, I'm excited and I want to go all the way this year," said Josh Sletta, Madelia RB/LB.

"Like I've said before, I think these guys have given themselves that opportunity. Nothing is guaranteed, they have to go out there and earn it, but so far they've done everything correct. Everything that they've needed to do, work hard in the summer, and stay together, continue to be competitive in other seasons throughout the summer. They've done everything that they've needed to do, and now we're at the point where the rubber meets the road and let's see what happens," said Willaert.

The Blackhawks open up the 2018 campaign against the rival Jaguars.

We'll take a look at how their squad is shaping up later this week.

--KEYC News 12