Tuesday was National Night Out, an evening where communities across the country get together to show their support for law-enforcement. 

A town of just under 800 people, but a community full of heart. They only have one full time officer, their Chief, but that doesn't stop Trimont from going all out on National Night Out.
"I think it's wonderful that everybody comes together to kind of show their support for law-enforcement and kind of as community come together for an event like this. All the volunteers that are making this possible on a grand scale like it is for a town this small really says something about the town itself and the community," Trimont Chief of Police Ross Wiggin said.
The event wouldn't be possible without the Trimont Area Women's organization and lots of volunteer assistance.
"I do the funding for this night and this community is so supportive and we offer everything free tonight because of the donations and the support of our community," Trimont Area Women's Organization member Brenda Nielsen said.
With plans for a brand new bike trail along Highway 4 this night out has a special message.
"We really want to promote bike safety in our community with our town center being out on Highway 4 and the speed limit 55, it is pertinent that our kids ride around with helmets and crossing the highway it gets a lot of foot traffic. Our school is right along Highway4, a lot of the main places that they go are along Highway 4 and we just really want to keep our kids safe and so it's important for us to promote bike safety with our upcoming trail coming out and just getting our community involved in that," Nielsen added.
This is Trimont's third year participating and this year they're competing for the national night out cup against 5,000 other cities for their right to say their community and police partnership is top-notch.

--KEYC News 12