MANKATO, MINN - Mankato had a special location for today's farmer's market.

Front Street's 500 block in Downtown Mankato was shut down Wednesday for the market.

The market is usually held on Saturdays at Best Buy but the city and market organizers wanted to celebrate "National Farmer's Market Week" by moving it downtown for the day.

Patrons could purchase items from over 15 different vendors while also stopping in at their favorite downtown venues.

Vendors say they're also enjoying the temporary site.
"It's great, the vendors knew that it was a possibility but until just a month ago, we didn't know it was actually going to happen so it was super fun to see that it was actually going to happen and that it was going to become a reality," said Jean Braatz of My Minnesota Farmer. "So hopefully we get to do it a lot more down here because it's a lot of fun, the atmosphere is great."
Organizers don't have plans to permanently move the market but are eager to host similar events in the future.

----KEYC News 12