For centuries women have looked to midwives for advice and assistance in childbirth.

Today's certified nurse midwives continue this tradition of personal, family–centered care as a highly skilled health profession.

Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato has now hired two new certified nurse midwives.

"Midwives are nurses that went on for additional education and training to be able to take care of women during pregnancy, labor and delivery," said certified nurse midwife Amy Petersen.

In addition to supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth, the certified nurse midwives will also specialize in birth control, preconception counseling, breastfeeding assistance, well–women exams and menopause management.

"A lot of women do want this program and this type of care because we do spend a lot of time with them for education and it is just a good fit for women who want this personal care," added Petersen.

The program will work closely with Mayo Clinic Mankato's current OB/GYN staff and will serve as a vital asset to the team.

Petersen just moved to Minnesota from Wyoming and couldn't be happier to get this program up and running in the Mankato area.

"I am extremely excited to be here," said Petersen.  "Midwifery has been in my blood since a very young age and I worked with women in labor and delivery and then that was the natural progression for me so I could further be involved with their care all the way through their pregnancy and deliver babies."

The Midwifery program at Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato began this week so future mothers wanting extra care through their pregnancy can now partake.

--KEYC News 12