“Good morning!  We are here at Breakfast at the farm and this is our farm, Guentzel Family Farms," said Mary Guentzel.  "It looks like we are going to set a record for people having breakfast today.  It’s probably over 2,000 people here as you can see with the crowd and it’s a beautiful day.”

People traveled from miles to patiently wait in line for a breakfast that featured pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice and coffee.

The Guentzel’s annual Breakfast at the Farm exceeded expectations as well over 2,000 people showed up for a relaxing morning on the farm.

This family friendly event not only serves an appetizing meal, but peaks curiosity throughout the property.

“We really want everyone to see what it’s like on a farm and want everyone to know where their food comes from," explained Guentzel.  "The simple things as what are your Crayons made out of?  They are made out of soybeans, you know?”

Smiles were not hard to come by as children were able to have their faces painted, participate in a scavenger hunt, sit in the driver’s seat of huge farm equipment, hang out with the animals and chill out in swimming pools filled with, you guessed it, corn!

The event ran until 11 a.m. Saturday morning.

--KEYC News 12