NEW ULM, Minn. -- Residents of a property near New Ulm are frightened to be at their lakeside home after they spotted an unlikely guest in their yard.

Sonny Maurer and Kami Johnson said they heard a roar from some trees one night. Confused, they scanned their property with a flashlight when a large, tan animal pounced at Johnson.

That encounter prompted them to set up a trail cam, and in just a few days, eerie photos captured a cougar walking down their trail.

"We're just worried about other families," Johnson said.  "We don't want anyone to get hurt."

On the other side of their property is Lost Dog and Fox Hunters County Park, frequented by families with children. Maurer said he visits everyday to warn anyone around about what they saw.

According to Maurer and Johnson, they've contacted DNR, who told them the animals are just passing through and are not here to stay, and therefore are not a threat.

--KEYC News 12