59–year–old Scott Engelbrecht of St. James was arrested on two charges of 2nd Degree Murder after allegedly shooting his wife Joyce Engelbrecht and her daughter Rachel Linder with a .22–caliber gun police said in late June.

His attorney requested a Rule 20 Competency evaluation back in July.

Engelbrecht was claiming he had no recollection of the June 18th events.

Under the law, a defendant can be found incompetent if they lack the ability to consult with defense counsel.

Findings of that evaluation were submitted to the court late August.

Tuesday, the court found that the case may proceed, and the state is requesting the findings be submitted into the court record as accurate.

Engelbrecht's attorneys say they are not expecting to file an objection; they can still do so for 30 days.

His next hearing with be October 16 at 11 AM at the Watonwan County Courthouse.

----KEYC News 12