As shelters clear out in the hurricane zones, dogs are being sent all over the country for their safety. BENCHS in North Mankato is one such shelter taking in rescues.
After a long trip, four dogs from North Carolina have arrived in North Mankato.
"They are originally from Whiteville, North Carolina they sent them over to Columbia, South Carolina and then our friends from last year's rescue in Florida drove up to Columbia, South Carolina, drove them to Atlanta and they flew to Minneapolis. So it's kind of a combination of a whole bunch of different groups working together Delta picked up the cost for flying the dogs up here so that's pretty awesome," BENCHS Manager Laurel Viera said.
Last year they took in 65 dogs from Florida. With only four this time around, they don't need as many volunteers for fostering animals. But there are still plenty of dogs at the shelter that need help.
"We have long-term residents and I know it's really exciting when these special cases come in, but we all kind of feel bad when those dogs that have been here for a while they kind of get overlooked because everybody wants to rush in and take on this really cool hurricane dog. So it's really nice when those people come in and they take our longest residents also. And kind of free it up for some more to come in," Viera added.
As far as the North Carolina dogs , they'll need days to decompress from their travels. It will also take the shelter some time to learn their temperaments but they will soon be ready for adoption. 

You can help out the shelter this Friday through Sunday by visiting their garage sale at the Caledonia Community Center in Mankato from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

--KEYC News 12.