Mankato residents had the chance to provide input on next year's proposed capital projects before the budget is adopted in December.

This type of feedback has been happening for about three years, but this is the transition point between years past and future budgets proposals as the capital plan became larger and has longer term projects this year. The city plans to hold more conversations with the public before a proposed budget for future years.
"Someone that lives or owns property in an area has a different experience in that area than maybe we do as a city employee who might live in another part of town or just experience the community in a different way, so it's really important to have that give and take in order to make sure that we're making the best decisions for the long-term in the community," Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms said.
If you missed the opportunity to provide input, you can always attend a city council meeting to speak during a public forum or directly contact the city by dialing 3-1-1 or visiting their website.

--KEYC News 12