Mankato, Minn.-- The latest project of the Infuse Artists on Main Street series arrived this weekend and was dedicated at the Frost Plaza.
The six month long initiative in Old Town aims to encourage pedestrian traffic and improvements to the alleyways.

Land of Memories is the latest piece, a collaboration between artist Gregory Wilkins and elders of the Dakota tribe.

"The opportunity to connect with so many other creatives to put on this piece was probably one of my greatest joys." said Gregory Wilkins, artist of the Land of Memories artwork,  "With this piece, it's a way of honoring our past, celebrating where we are today and what we're going to do as we move forward in the future to create a welcoming community that's celebratory of all people."
The artwork features a medicine wheel created in stained glass, embraced by eagle feathers.

It features an original haiku and reads, 'silence, bravery; we are Dakota people; united as one.'