MANKATO -- An indoor sports dome could soon be coming to Minnesota State-Mankato's campus, if it passes the final hurdle of a student vote.

For more than a decade, MSU has been working on plans for a multi-use indoor turf facility, which student affairs staff says is much-needed on campus.

"One of the deficits we have as a university, and again as a community, is we don't have indoor turf facilities," David Jones, VP of Student Affairs at MSU said. 
"The ability to extend turf sports into the winter period will really provide an advantage to students recreationally, to be more healthy, as well as provide a nice opportunity for our athletic teams, who perform at a high rate."

University revenue funds will pay for half of the four million dollar project. The other half will come from the student body, if they vote yes. A referendum on December fourth will ask students whether they're OK with a small fee to fund the project. If passed, all current and future students will pay 83 cents per credit, and no more than 10 dollars per semester.

"A lot of students think it would be a really cool initiative to have on campus that they'd be able to utilize a turf field during the winter since we are in such a cold state for most of the year," said MeMe Cronin, student body president. "But then at the same time, a lot of students aren't interested in paying another fee, especially for the students who don't get out and utilize campus rec facilities already."

If the referendum passes in a few weeks, construction of the dome will begin in May, and will be ready to use as early as October 2019.

--KEYC News 12