The Kiwanis Holiday Lights are an annual holiday tradition and it wouldn't be possible without the help of dozens of volunteers.

Every year Sibley Park is lit up by thousands of lights all thanks to hard working volunteers. Including Pub 500, who provides food and Crystal Valley, all the propane. One husband and wife duo have been around from the beginning bringing magic to Santa's House.
"My husband Lee and I get started in here, near the end of October it takes us quite a few hours a couple weekends involved. I lay awake sometimes at night thinking of things but I do have an art degree and so people say that I am creative and so I'm always thinking of different things I already have my sketches for next year," Santa's House Decorator Wendi Masters said.
The Masters are not members of Kiwanis but choose to be involved because they appreciate what the organization does.
"We are just so impressed with everybody that volunteers for this they are just wonderful. Everybody just puts in so many hours and work so hard and just really think about how to make it look for everybody to come and visit. It's just fun to see the looks on everybody's faces and how everybody reacts to what these volunteers have done," Masters added.
Santa and Mrs. Claus are available every weekend at the Kiwanis Holiday Lights with the last chance for kids to talk to Santa, of course on December 23rd.

--KEYC News 12.