New Ulm, Minn.--USA Today published a list ranking New Ulm as the 10th best place to live in the United States and the top place to live in Minnesota. 

24/7 Wall Street selected the top 50 US cities, with at least 8,000 residents, based on a weighted index of over two dozen factors such as crime rates, affordability, unemployment rates and access to entertainment and cultural attractions. Six Minnesota cities were included on the list and highest at number 10 was New Ulm.
"Definitely a tight knit community. It's a great place to raise your kids." said Katie Nilson, who grew up in New Ulm and works at Veigel's Kaiserhoff, "You don't have to worry about your kids walking to the park. I love that aspect."

The town of just over 13,000 was founded in 1854 by the German Land Company of Chicago and named after a Bavarian town and the influence still remains. Schell's Brewery, founded in 1860, is the second oldest in the country and the largest in the state.
"It's a large enough town that you have the services you need. It's a small enough town so it's got the attributes of a small town." said Schell's tour guide Lee Weber, who resides in New Ulm, "You have people that you know that you care for. Neighbors are neighbors, you get to know them a little bit. Culturally it's a world unto itself. It's an amazing place in that way. It's got a long history."
New Ulm is literally built around history. On North Minnesota Street is the Kiesling House, built in 1861, the only remaining wooden structure from that era.

Despite being within commuting distance of Mankato and the Twin Cities, New Ulm has attractions of its own, from historical sites to one of a kind shops and restaurants.

"It is a great place to live. It is beautiful in summer. There's a lot of stuff to do." Nilson said.

Year-round outdoor activities at Flandrau State Park are enjoyed in the former polka capital of the nation. More than 800 students attend Martin Luther College, located on the hill across from the Hermann monument.

"For a town this size, it covers a lot of bases. It really does." Weber said, "It's a very active community."

The low unemployment and poverty rates were the main keys to the city's national recognition. But the German gem of the Minnesota River Valley teems with beautiful architecture and relics of the past.

--KEYC News 12.