Mankato, Minn.--The Minnesota Valley Action Council will be able to continue a project that replaces dilapidated mobile homes, thanks to some new funding.
 The $110,000 grant from Minnesota Housing will help MVAC continue their pilot program, which replaced four mobile homes in the Mankato area with newer models.
 "We should not have people living in substandard homes," said MVAC housing director Judd Schultz. "This program, it's a small step but it's doing a good job doing that. It's getting people into a better house which is stabilizing their lives and making them healthier."
The program partners MVAC with the city of Mankato and the owners of five area mobile home parks.

Once organizers determine the eligibility of a household, they'll help the residents replace the aging unit with a gently used, energy efficient home, which comes with a 10 year interest-deferred loan.

--KEYC News 12