Mankato United Excited for Upcoming Season

Mankato United Excited for Upcoming Season
Mankato United takes the field for regular season play later this month. (Source: KEYC)

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - One of the Women’s Premier Soccer League’s newest team’s, Mankato United, is excited to kick off regular season play later this month.

Sports Director Rob Clark caught up with the squad earlier this week.

"I'm super excited, the squad looks really good, I've been itching to get back out on the field, so it's cool to have this opportunity," said Shayna Stubbs, Mankato United outside back.

Mankato United's season is right around the corner and there is no shortage of talent on this team as plenty of MSU Mankato players bring their talents to the Caswell North Soccer Complex this summer. Also mixing in is some division one talent from South Dakota State University along with area high schoolers preparing for their first season suiting up for a collegiate program.

On paper, Mankato United should put on a show for anyone coming out to support the group.

"Like any sport, it's about can we generate opportunities to score, put it in the back of the net, we just want to put a fun product out there, and push these women to the next level," said Tudor Flintham, Mankato United head coach.

"You get people from all different backgrounds, so you just see a little bit of everything. Not everyone is trained the same way, but everyone brings a piece of something, and everyone has that high quality fast paced style, so we're all looking forward to the season starting off," said Maggie Smither, Mankato United goalie.

"We've got some talent, that's going to be finding out how the pieces gel, but it's pretty clear we're going to have a team that can compete. There is no doubt that after watching today, we're going to be plenty goo," said Flintham.

The games played this summer provide an opportunity for players to stay up on their game and compete against solid competition and for Shayna Stubbs it's a chance to intern with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff while playing the game of soccer.

"It's super cool because Cindra Kamphoff, she's a sports psychologist, I get to listen to her speak, listen to how to better my mindset, I can see that this summer, and also see how I can impact the players on the team," said Stubbs.

The squad takes the field for regular season play May 26th.

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