Prep Athlete: Cleveland’s Bryce Novak

Prep Athlete: Cleveland’s Bryce Novak
"He leads by example." (Source: KEYC)

CLEVELAND, Minn. (KEYC) - The Cleveland Clippers baseball team has big goals for this season.

Among the squad is Bryce Novak, a senior with an impressive stat line and a passion for the game.

Ally Dudgeon has more on why Bryce Novak is our KEYC News 12 Prep Athlete of the Week, brought to you by Scheels.

“I’m looking forward to these playoffs, I want to go far, go deep, I want to get farther than last year, last year was the farthest we ever got in history and I want to beat that and make a name for ourselves,” said Bryce Novak, Prep Athlete of the Week.

Novak is an ace for the Clippers and any time he takes the mound he gives the team a chance to win.

“As a coach it really is nice to have a guy like that on the bench, ready to go at moment’s notice. We’ve had him start games, we’ve had him relieve games. There’s just a lot of confidence you have in a guy like that when he steps out on the mound. As far as his stat line for pitching goes he’s pitched 28 innings, his ERA is .73 so under one. 62 strikeouts with only three walks so he’s got great control and again that speaks to the confidence I have as a coach when he’s out there that he’s going to be under control. He’s only given up fourteen hits and three earned runs the whole season so, dominant performances,” said Bill John, Cleveland head coach.

As a captain, Novak is focused on what he can do for the team, as well as how to get the squad working together for greater accomplishments.

“I want to make this program into what we have as a football community. I want to make something out of it and make a name for Cleveland and I want them to get their heads into it, make them realize that and just have their mindset focused on that and work hard and on the off–season just to get better so they can one day maybe get to the state tournament,” Novak said.

“I first met the captains back in January when I came on board here and met with those guys, talked a little bit about what they wanted out of their season and it was really interesting to hear those guys talk about their experiences, talk about what they were looking as far as what they were looking for in their senior season. Bryce in particular he’s really kind of a quiet kind of leader, he leads by example but he swings a big stick,” John said.

Not only is Novak an asset on the mound, he is also a threat at the plate.

“I haven’t been looking because I don’t want to get in my head but I’m pretty sure I’m at 600,” Novak said.

“He started off, he was batting about 800 to start and he was hitting everything so when I say he cooled off a little bit, cooled off to about 600, so he still, he hits the ball, he’s smart at the plate, he works the count, he really is smart when he’s at the plate,” John said.

Novak will take his talents close to home next season at Gustavus.

His game changing ability is why Bryce Novak is our KEYC News 12 Prep Athlete of the Week, brought to you by Scheels.

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