Community Education Courses Ramp Up In St. Peter

Community Education Courses Ramp Up In St. Peter

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) - Community Education for adult activities are ramping up in the St. Peter area as of late.

So far, classes offered have been intro to welding, woodworking and today, blacksmithing.

The class introduced all students, ages 12 to senior citizen, to a propane forge and basic techniques.

Techniques include heating, drawing, punching, twisting, splitting and scrolling.

“Every piece of metal you grab could be ten different things," explained course teacher Michael Reeser. "It just depends on your creativity and what you’re thinking that day. You may start out trying to make a leaf like these students have done and it may turn into a feather or something else so it really brings out the creativity and allows people to express that in another art form."

Students created their own items and got to keep several handmade items including a bottle opener, key chain and basic set of Blacksmith tongs.

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