Volunteers Put Planting Skills To The Test at Hallett’s Pond

Volunteers Put Planting Skills To The Test at Hallett's Pond

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) - Dozens of volunteers converged on Hallett’s Pond in St. Peter for a pond beautification project.

Volunteers were active planting shoreline with grass and shrubs to improve water quality and habitat for fish, pollinators and various birds.

Also being planted were multiple floating plant islands to anchor in the pond to improve water quality.

“They have hundreds of holes punched in them so we can actually put plants right into the islands themselves," explained Project Manager Susie Carlin. "Those native plants are going to spread their roots. They can grow through the loose material of the island and their roots will also grow deep down through the bottom of the island, maybe six-feet down, into the water column.”

Along with improving water quality, these islands will attract songbirds, turtles and pollinators as well as provide an ideal habitat for fish underneath.

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