Click to learn about KEYC/KMNF, contact us & FAQ

Click to learn about KEYC/KMNF, contact us & FAQ
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KEYC-TV is a dual affiliated CBS and FOX television station serving southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. KEYC-TV first signed on the air on October 5, 1960 as an NBC affiliate. KEYC switched affiliation to the CBS network in 1961. In July 2007, KEYC added FOX on channel 12-2. KEYC CBS programming is available on channel 12-1 over the air.

KMNF-LD is a dual affiliated NBC and CW+ television station serving southern Minnesota. KMNF-LD signed on the air on October 28, 2019 with programming beginning on December 1, 2019. KMNF-LD is available over the air on channel 7-1 and 7-2. The KMNF call letters are a nod to our history, as the original call letters assigned to KEYC in 1957 were KMNF. The KMNF-TV call letters were changed to KEYC-TV in the summer of 1958.

KEYC News Now airs local news weekdays from 5:30-7:00 AM on CBS & NBC, 12:00-12:30 PM on CBS, 5:00-5:30 PM on CBS, 6:00-6:30 PM on CBS, 9:00-9:30 PM on FOX and 10:00-10:35 PM on CBS & NBC. On Saturday’s, local news airs on CBS at 6 PM & 10 PM and 9 PM on FOX. On Sunday’s, local news airs at 9 PM on FOX and 10 PM on CBS.

KEYC-TV & KMNF-LD are owned by Gray Media Group.



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1570 Lookout Drive North Mankato, MN 56003 
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Q: What streaming services offer KEYC programming?
A: KEYC News Now offers free live streaming of local newscasts on our Apple TV, FireTV and Roku Apps, at as well as the Free VUit App.  You can also find KEYC CBS, FOX & NBC programming on services like YouTubeTV and Hulu Live.

Q: How do I receive KMNF NBC & CW via an over-the-air antenna?
A: KMNF’s antenna is at a height of 975 feet on the KEYC tower near Lewisville, which is just below the KEYC antenna on the top of the tower. You will need a VHF antenna.

Q: What type of antenna do I need to get KMNF?
A: We have found that a roof-top antenna works best. While we can’t endorse a particular antenna, we have found that these antenna’s work just fine and are quite affordable. The closer you live to Lewisville, this antenna works best: Nearby to Lewisville Antenna ]  If you live further away, we have found this antenna works best:  Further Away from Lewisville ]  There are other over-the-air tv signal’s in southern Minnesota. Those can be picked up with a UHF antenna. These example antennas will also work to receive KEYC-TV CBS & FOX.

Q: How do I receive KMNF NBC & CW via cable?
A:Mediacom carries KMNF NBC programming on channels 17 & 817 and KMNF CW programming on channels 19 & 819 in the following cities and surrouning area: Butterfield, Cleveland, Henderson, Janesville, Kasota, Lafayette, Lake Crystal, LeSueur, Mountain Lake, Pemberton, St. James, St. Peter, Waldorf, Wells, Windom and Winnebago. Cable carriage of KMNF-LD is continuing to be added provider by provider. We encourage you to contact your provider to let them know you would like to receive KMNF’s NBC & CW programming.

Q: How do I receive KMNF via satellite?
A: NBC can be found on channel 7 on DirecTV and on channel 11 on DISH.

Q: I have an antenna and can’t pick up KMNF. Why not?
A: Your antenna might not be able to receive a VHF signal or it might not be pointed toward Lewisville. We have found that a roof-top antenna works best. While we can’t endorse a particular antenna, we have found that these antenna’s work just fine and are quite affordable. The closer you live to Lewisville, this antenna works best: If you live further away, we have found this antenna works best:

Q: I know I have a VHF antenna and it’s pointed toward Lewisville, but I still can’t receive KMNF. Why not?
A: KMNF broadcasts from the same tower as KEYC. KMNF is a low-power tv station. KEYC-TV transmits with 52,700 watts of power while KMNF-LD is only about 3,000 watts.

Q: Why did my provider replace my NBC affiliate with KMNF?
A: Due to FCC regulation, satellite providers have to remove an imported out-of-market station because the local market defined by the FCC now has an NBC affiliate. For satellite customers, this impacts customers in Blue Earth, Brown, Martin and Watonwan counties.

Q: How can I stop the automated voice when you are running the severe weather scroll at the bottom of the screen?
A: We are required by the FCC to air the information that scrolls as text at the bottom of the screen as audio as well for the visually impaired. If you wish to not hear that audio, you can turn off the SAP function in your TV or cable/satellite box audio settings.

Q: If my soap opera is pre-empted, will I be missing anything?
A: With Some exception, if an episode is pre-empted in it’s entirety, that episode will be aired by CBS the following day in it’s usual time slot. If an episode is partially pre-empted, CBS will join the remainder of the program in progress and the pre-empted portion will not be aired again. You can also catch episodes on or CBS All Access.

Q: At what time is the web site updated?
A: Typically video begins to be published within half an hour of the news cast. Due to technical details and personnel issues times may very. The news casts should be posted, at latest, two hours after the end of the show. If it hasn’t been posted by that time it will most likely be posted by the end of business the next day (this should only happen due to extreme technical difficulties).

Q: Why isn’t my KEYC Weather App Working correctly?
A: Please send a description of your problem to so we can troubleshoot the issue and get back to you.

Q: Why is the temperature blank on the weather map?
A: We receive our temperature reading from a network of weather sensors, operated by both the federal and state governments. If their equipment is not working, we cannot receive a current temperature reading. Unfortunately, we have to wait for them to fix this problem before the data can be restored.

Q: How can I advertise on
A: Visit

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