Mountain Lake Couple Promotes Health at Jubilee Market and Peacemeals

Mountain Lake Couple Promotes Health at Jubilee Market and Peacemeals

MOUNTAIN LAKE, Minn. (KEYC) - A Mountain Lake farm and eatery providing locally sourced produce got its start after the owners retired from the medical field and continued their mission.

Jubilee Market and Peacemeals, originally known as Jubilee Fruits and Vegetables in 2010, moved out of their garage and to their current location on Mountain Lake Road in 2015.

“He was a physician and I was a dietitian once upon a time, and so this is really a continuation of what we’ve always been about, of trying to promote healthy lifestyles and taking care of the environment,” said Judy Harder, co-owner of Jubilee Market and Peacemeals.

It all started with a small CSA farm, or community supported agriculture.

"What that means is, if you're interested in fruits and vegetables being local, supporting you farmer, and I'm your farmer, so you would pay me upfront for that season for me to give you a certain share each week," said Harder.

"They're a core group for us here and we have the restaurant, it ebbs and flows and then there's our grocery store," said Harder.

Jubilee strives to make their business environmentally friendly from top to bottom, including solar energy and a greenhouse specifically designed for their goals.

"The greenhouse part, it's called a climate battery, so it's like a geothermal kind of concept and pushing air underground in the summertime, in the winter-time we're going to use the same thing but it's different in that our soil is our heat bank," said Harder.

Jubilee Market and Peacemeals gets a little help from a few flying, fuzzy friends.

“We’re switching to a different season when we have tomatoes in there, bumblebees, they’re called bumblebees because they’ll grab a flower and shake, where as a honey bee doesn’t, so they’re a better pollinator,” said Harder.

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