North Mankato salon offers hair advice for multiracial families

North Mankato Salon Offers Hair Advice for Multiracial Families

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Parenting certainly comes with a lot of questions. For white parents with children of color, questions like how to do their children’s hair comes up quite a bit.

Well Northside Hair Company in North Mankato is offering answers.

Stylist Destani Mans does hair for all kinds of people in the Greater Mankato Area, and over the years she has noticed a reoccurring scenario, more white clients with children of color needing help to maintain the hair of their kids.

“I had a mom come in and she had adopted black children, she had a couple, but she had a girl and she was like I have no idea what to do with her hair, I need help,” said Mans. “So I did the little girl’s hair, but then I kind of walked her through, you can do this or you can do that, kind of daily stuff so she could manage without having to come to me all the time for everything.”

Now she educates parents like Amanda Schultz-Carlson about the curl patterns of mixed and black hair, teaching techniques that later create special bonding moments, all while dismantling misconceptions.

Schultz-Carlson has a five-year-old biracial daughter named Devrie Carlson, who she takes to see Destani for different natural hairstyles. She admits whenever she did her daughter’s hair she felt bad.

“My biggest thing was thinking I was hurting her, it sounds different when you’re brushing out coarse, curly hair versus my hair,” said Schultz-Carlson.

"So that is definitely something Destani, first thing she taught us."

Destani teaches parents styles like basic twists, braids and twist outs, because more and more brown and black children are wearing their hair naturally, but there are just some things parents have to figure out on their own.

"So you’re going to spend a lot of money on products, you’re going to spend a lot of time doing hair styles that will fail, don’t feel bad cause I did it too, it’s just experimenting, " said Mans. “You try again and you try something different, and even when you find something and you’ve done it like fifty times, there’s always going to be like three times where it just doesn’t work.”

Schultz-Carlson said she urges parents sharing the same experiences to keep some things in mind.

“Just recognizing and respecting the essential nature of learning the hair care for the differences of hair, and that although she may not be a fan when her hair is being braided, she loves it afterward, it’s all smiles.”

Amanda also noted that it means a lot that Devrie can see other people of color like Destani with her same hair texture, rocking some pretty sweet styles.

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