Minnesota veteran shares 78,000 stories of those who never came home

Minnesota veteran shares 78,000 stories of those who never came home

WINDOM, Minn. (KEYC) - Preparations for the Windom Riverfest town celebration are underway. The Business Arts and Recreation Center (BARC) will be home to the Southwest Minnesota POW/MIA traveling wall as a feature of this weekend’s festivities.

Leo Voss, a Vietnam War veteran, has been working on this piece since he returned from war.

Voss came back with a ton of questions when his friends didn't return with him.

“I got digging and doing research since 1967-68. I’ve been doing research - I am still doing research," Voss said.

Keeping the faith alive for a family to be reunited with a loved one or receive closure inspires Voss to continue his dedicated efforts.

“I mean, how do you know one of these might not be a relative of yours or a family member? They got to be remembered,” Voss added.

The traveling wall goes beyond the names - Voss has meticulously compiled a biography of every single veteran from the Vietnam War including include their name, rank, serial number, unit, place and date lost, a story about them and who was with them.

Despite 78,000 stories being brought to light through Voss’s efforts, he still hopes that every family with a missing loved one will one day have an answer.

“My hopes and my dreams is just to get one American, just one, and my ultimate goal for all my work now is to touch one heart per event,” Voss said.

The Windom Riverfest all begins on Friday.

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