Teaching healthy habits at the Children’s Museum

Visit the museum on Fridays to seek health advice for your kids from a physician.

Teaching healthy habits at the Children’s Museum

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Are you looking to develop some healthy habits for your kids?

Mayo Clinic Mankato and the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota have come together to create the Mayo Summer Initiative.

Friday morning, the focus was nutrition and hydration as a physician came in to talk to kids about taking care of themselves.

“It’s the idea that doctors are people too," explained Education and Program Manager Chris McEachron. "Sometimes kids have an unreasonable fear of doctors, an unreasonable fear of medicine and that works well with our healthy eating exhibit. The whole idea is to demystify the idea of taking care of yourself.”

“This is really neat. Just looking back at it, kids are often very apprehensive about being in the doctor’s office I think so this adds an extra level of comfort,” said Mayo Resident Physician Jeremiah Fairbanks.

Both say it’s important to mold those healthy habits from a young age.

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