“Scraped Land” and “Laid Down and Wiped Away” on display until June 29

“Scraped Land” and “Laid Down and Wiped Away” on display until June 29

ST. PETER, Minn. (KEYC) - Imagine creating art only to have it destroyed by those who saw it.

“Scraped Land” and “Laid Down and Wiped Away" are St. Peter artist Gregory Euclide’s latest pieces to be displayed at the St. Peter Arts and Heritage Center.

The pieces are open to the public for free until June 29.

“I wanted to devote a section of time to creating an image, and then having that thing, you know, giving it my all, then having that thing be just, you know, erased,” he said.

Euclide spent four and a half hours working on "Laid Down and Wiped Away" to encourage those who view the piece to erase a square of it.

He said the piece comes from the idea of humanity’s desire to fix things that are destroyed.

“And that relationship of how it’s almost impossible to get something back. So for instance, once a prairie is destroyed, the ability for us to get that land back and restore it to a full prairie takes an enormous amount of work," he said.

Euclide’s other piece, “Scraped Land,” depicts the transformation of materials found on Earth.

“As a landscape painter, I often use materials that are very destructive to the land, so when you think about pigment for paint it all comes from the Earth,” he said.

Euclide said it is also up to the eye of the beholder to determine the meaning of his work.

“I always find that if I have someone tell me what something means, it seems less valuable than the search for it," he said.

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