A lesson in coding at Waseca-Le Sueur Library

The session educates kids about coding in a fun manner.

A Lesson in Coding at Waseca-Le Sueur Library

WASECA, Minn. (KEYC) - The Waseca- Le Sueur Library hosted a “Coding Jam” session Monday morning, as part of their ongoing “Ready to Code Initiative.”

The event is the first of four summer events on coding, this particular one was for children ages 7-12.

Children’s librarian Brianna Bleeker said kids lay down magnetic tiles in front of an iPad, so a mirror can reflect it back to the camera, the app then reads the tiles and turns the words to sound.

" It’s a really easy way to introduce coding concepts like set routines, loops, building blocks, that kind of stuff and layering things together but it’s music, so it’s fun," said Bleeker.

“But it’s not necessarily what people think of as coding jam, and the reason I decided to do it this summer was because there are a couple of astronaut characters, and our theme for the summer is " Universe of Stories,"so I thought it would be fun to incorporate those.”

For more on the library’s upcoming events, visit this link: http://wasecalesueurlibraries.com/events/.

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