Welcome native set to begin pro baseball career in Mariners organization

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WELCOME, Minn. (KEYC) - Welcome native, Brandon Williamson, was recently drafted in the second round of the MLB draft by the Seattle Mariners.

“It was unbelievable, wasn’t expecting it, but we knew we had a chance. It played out, and we got it done,” said Williamson.

"This year you spent the season pitching for TCU, last year at NIACC, talk a little bit about your junior college career and how it set you up for success."

“When I got into junior college, I wasn’t a stud prospect or anything, and we got to work, knew what we had to work on, got a little bigger, started throwing harder and fine tuning my pitching. Just kept getting better and better during my two years there, I was blessed to commit to TCU, went down there and got stuff done there,” said Williamson.

"What did you specifically work on at TCU this year?"

“I actually had two hip surgeries going into TCU, the main brunt of going there was getting healthy and figuring out how to use my lower half now that I had two healthy hips. It was about being more consistent, not walking guys, and just go right at people and do as best job as I could on the mound each and every start,” said Williamson.

"What was the culture like at TCU?"

“We’re all about having energy, being selfless, I believe that group was some of the best teammates I’ve ever had. It was all about trying to get your teammate better and pushing each other every day,” said Williamson.

"What does it mean to set an example to area baseball players?"

“It means a lot, I think it just shows it doesn’t matter where you come from, whether you play travel ball or extra stuff, it’s just can you keep getting better and not use excuses and just believe that you can do it,” said Williamson.

"What are you most looking forward to in Seattle?"

“They have a good farm system, it’s one you can move up quickly, looking forward to play with new guys and be a professional,” said Williamson.

"What's the next step now?"

“I’ll fly down to Arizona and sign a contract, I’ll be there a week or two throwing bullpens and getting a feel for the organization, they’ll get a feel for me. I’ll go up to Everett, Washington, play a season there, I might go to West Virginia at the end of the season and start Class A ball,” said Williamson.

"Did you ever think back in high school that you'd be drafted just a few years later?"

“Not at all, in high school I didn’t even know that I would play college sports. I thought I was going into the Marine Corps out of high school, I always had the dream to play professional baseball, I didn’t know it’d be a reality, and it was a pretty special moment to see that come true,” said Williamson.

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