Brown Co. Historical Society Takes Local Kids to the 1860s

Local children sat inside a one-room schoolhouse, dressed in pioneer clothing, gaining better understanding of lifestyles of students in the 1860s.

Brown Co. Historical Society Takes Local Kids to the 1860s

NEW ULM, Minn. (KEYC) - A group of kids in New Ulm headed back to school Tuesday morning, but it was not their typical classroom.

The event, put on by the Brown County Historical Society, let kids experience a one-room schoolhouse from the 1860s.

Brown County Historical Society volunteers like Allissa Biebl dressed up with the children in pioneer garb, participating in fun and educational lessons on what life was like for people during that time.

“We had reading class, we’re going to have some penmanship class where they’re going to write with ink, we’re going to do some math on slates, little bit of history,” said Biebl.

“Well we’re always talking history, all throughout the day, and a lot of fun old-fashioned games.”

Other activities included the children making their own butter, that they were able to taste with fresh baked rolls.

The children also played old games that children in 1868 played to keep busy, such as searching for hidden buttons, and finding a pot with a wooden spoon, while blind-folded.

“I would hope that they would have had a fun day first of all, that would be our main goal, but also to start to realize that things that aren’t always as they are now," said Biebl.

"In the past people have worked hard and a lot of things they did without, and just to appreciate that and understand the idea of history.”

The two-day event is completely full, but organizers said those interested should put it on their radar for next year.

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