Council approves several plats for development

Council approves several plats for development

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Mankato City Council approved several plats for development.

Mankato City Council approved a preliminary plat review at a vacated portion of Kingswood Drive. Kingswood Properties Subdivision will be responsible for 100% of the costs for the completion of the road within one year of the request.

Any future development at the wetland boundaries must be a setback of a minimum of 16 and a half feet, including signage at the required setback.

Council also approved the preliminary and final plat review of Prairie Edge subdivision, and a planned unit development to allow joint access services within the subdivision and a smaller street section with smaller lots to accommodate twin homes.

The proposed development encompasses 7.82 acres and will possibly contain a shared private access road for the development.

The private road, proposed to be named Indigo Trail and Buttercup Trail, contains two cul-de-sac terminations.

The very westerly edge of the site contains a wooded area. The woodland impact is restricted, and should be protected with a conservation easement.

And finally, consideration of bids for the 2019 resurfacing project.

The project includes the areas of Elm Street between North 6th Street and Browns Court; East Main Street between Victory Drive and Kennedy Street; and miscellaneous sidewalk replacement.

Due to the conditions that were experienced with the spring thaw, portions of Division Street, between Glenwood Avenue and Orchard Road; and Raintree Road, between Adams Street and the Riverhills Mall southwest entrance, have been added to this year's project. These locations suffered pavement deterioration that was not able to be addressed with standard maintenance practices.

Both of these road segments are Municipal State Aid routes and all work performed on them as a part of this project will be funded by Municipal State Aid funds.

Engineering personnel and representatives of the contractor will meet with the property owners prior to construction to explain the work schedule, access to homes and other miscellaneous items of interest to the residents.

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