Some farmers still struggling to plant

Some farmers still struggling to plant

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - Despite recent dry weather, fields remain soggy across the state, keeping some Minnesota farmers behind schedule.

About 79 percent of soybeans have been planted in Minnesota so far, nearly two weeks behind last year and the five year average.

Corn is nearing completion, with 92 percent planted, also two weeks behind last year and the five year average.

Margins have dramatically decreased, which Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse attributes to a lot of hard work over the last week.

“We were fortunate last week, of course. We had very good progress, not a lot of rain,” Thiesse said. “In some areas, really got a lot finished up, maybe whatever corn they were going to still put in, and then got a lot of soybeans planted. There are other areas that are still a struggle.”

For farmers who haven’t planted yet, Thiesse says they now have to decide whether they want to take a risk and plant late, or file for prevented planting and collect 55 percent of their insurance guarantee.

“The big number that farmers, market analysts, people that use corn, ethanol plants and livestock producers are going to be watching will be how many prevented planted acres are there,” he said. “That’s going to affect our corn supply down the road ... According to the USDA numbers, there’s still probably 10 to 15 million acres of corn to plant. ”

At the end of the month we’ll have a better idea of how much corn has been planted, but Thiesse said a precise number might not be available until harvest season.

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