June 20 marks last day to use Dicamba herbicide

A select group of alternative herbicides may be used after the cut-off date.

Dicamba Cut-off June 20

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The deadline for plant growers to use the herbicide Dicamba is just over a week away.

The June 20 deadline was set by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in December as a means to combat off-target herbicide drift which it says affected 265,000 acres of land in 2017.

The MDA says after initial restrictions on Dicamba were put in place in 2018, the number of formal complaints dropped by 80% and affected just over 1,800 acres last year.

Herbicides from Group 9 (Glyphosate), Group 2 (Pursuit, Classic, FirstRate), and Group 14 (Flexstar, Cobra, Cadet, Ultra Blazer) can be used after the June 20 cut-off.

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