Wings of Whimsy attract all eyes to Old Town

The mural is about getting people out to experience Old Town and all that it has to offer.

Wings of Whimsy attract all eyes to Old Town

Old Town, Mankato. (KEYC) - Los Angeles, California, Nashville, Tennessee and now Old Town, Mankato.

Wings of Whimsy is a new wing mural nearing completion and creating plenty of buzz in downtown Mankato.

Wing murals are a popular social media destination for people looking to snap a quality picture to share online.

“We love to travel and a big thing for us is we have been to other cities that have wings and of course everybody wants to get their picture taken in front of them, they are super busy and so Denise said we should do them," said Co-owner of Whimsy & Weathered Jes Tano. "We should have wings in Old Town.”

From there, this mother/daughter duo was on the hunt for an artist.

When they met public artist Michael Cimino, it was an artistic match made in heaven.

“That’s why I signed up for this job a while ago is it is so much more fun and exciting for me to be painting in public because you have all these other variables that are affecting the actual outcome of the project and how your painting at any given moment in time,” said Cimino.

Cimino has completed many murals in and around the Mankato area.

This experience, and Denise and Jes, helped him shape and create what the people want.

“The image is for the community," added Cimino. "I wouldn’t really ever brand this as my artwork. There has been tons of wing murals done here in the past and you choose what works. You know, what does the public want, what’s going to make them happy, what’s going to make them smile and what’s going to give them an awesome Tinder profile picture so they get an awesome date. You know, that’s what’s important to me.”

This mural is more than a social media experience.

It's about getting people out to experience Old Town and all that it has to offer.

“We specifically wanted to do an adult set and a child sized set because, again, this is an area we want people to bring families. People tell us all the time that Whimsy, our store, is an experience and we wanted to bring that experience right here,” added Co-owner of Whimsy & Weathered Denise David.

The Wings of Whimsy should be done later this week but that hasn’t stopped people from getting excited and stopping by before it’s finished to take a peak.

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