Bold Futures Camp shines on High Schoolers

Bold Futures Camp shines on High Schoolers

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) - The Taylor Corporation and Minnesota State University, Mankato’s College of Business partnered for a camp to expand young girls awareness for career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

The Bold Futures summer camp is sponsored by the Glen A. Taylor Foundation to provide 50 girls from 10 schools throughout southern Minnesota a chance to be inspired, enlightened, encouraged, and educated.

On MSU’s campus inside Morris Hall, Dr. Vince Winstead led an Engineering and Robotics workshop.

The girls had the opportunity to learn how to program a robot.

The workshop is just one part of what Bold Futures aims to accomplish.

The campers are led by a leadership team made up of Maverick women from all over the world with a passion in STEM.

Communications manager, Jennifer Heimer, ensures the program is dedicated to giving young girls newfound opportunity.

“We know that women in this area are under served and are not getting the experiences that normally they would. And so, our goal is to help the community and make sure that people have opportunities that they may not already have," Communications Manager at Taylor Corporation, Jennifer Heimer said.

The high schoolers are exposed to many valuable learning opportunities throughout the six day plan. From visiting businesses on site, workshops, team building activities, to understanding the real world.

“The spirit of this camp is, we want these ladies to be aware of the ecosystems of careers that are out there and the lifestyles that can be tied to those careers. And, as part of that we do make them aware of, kind of, what are some of the barrier to entry – the challenges that they might face. Then, we are proactive about giving them the skills to address those,” Director of Corporate Partnerships, Luke Howk said.

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